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Blue Wallet Features

Awesome features to manage your money efficiently

Manage Expense and Income

Enter the details of income and expenses easily with complete details.

Tick the check box while entering the expenses which are reimbursable, recoverable, sharable etc… Same expenses entry will get reflected into claim management as pending unless it accepted.

Enough flexible to add the section and category of expenses. Hence, you can create the section as a name of project, client, home, general office exp, group name (if expenses are to be shared in group) etc… to track the expenses as per your convenience.


A well designed function to analysis the expenses and income. Transactions can be filtered section wise, expense category wise, and date wise.

Export the transaction into excel

Reimbursable expenses are highlighted with mark ‘P’. Accepted expenses are highlighted with the mark ‘A’ and rejected expense are marked with ‘R’

A well-crafted graphics provide the overview of the source of income and expenses

Claim Management

This module provides status of reimbursable expenses. All reimbursable expenses are reflected into claim module as pending unless same are accepted or rejected.

You can handy details of the amount that needs to be obtained from your employer, debtor or friends etc.

Accepted and rejected entries can be edited from overview module.

Manage Notes

It’s a simple note book to write and store important notes

Easily Calculate EMI

A smart EMI calculator for calculating the divide the amount into EMI

Manage Card Details

Store card details with snap of front and back page

Store the details like emergency card no., Description and other details.

Set Reminder

A set reminder of important events, due dates, payments etc…

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